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Claim Jumper Chicken and Biscuits

Price: $13.50
Rating: *** / *****

That's a half portion. I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough food.


I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough food.

Claim Jumper doesn't list nutritional information on their website. Do you want to know why? Because we haven't invented numbers that go that high. It's funny that people sue McDonalds for making them fat when reputable sit-down restaurants give you the same thing with five times the portions. Well I'm suing Claim Jumper for making me fat! But I can't complain too much, I don't go to Claim Jumper for diet food. Actually, I don't go anywhere for diet food, but especially not Claim Jumper.

I went with a few hungry friends and was eager to eat since we were having a relatively late lunch. Almost everything on the menu looked good, so the waiter passed by around three times to see if I would ever decide on what to get. Finally, he offered me some recommendations.

"...well, what I like is the Pot Roast, that's really good. My personal favorite is the Chicken and Biscuits, we do it fried southern style. It’s the best. The meatloaf is awesome, we serve it with the mashed potatoes. Uhh...the roast chicken's good, the salmon comes out great. My favorite appetizer is the southwestern rolls. The crab cake is out of this world, you can probably eat that as an entree..."

I looked down at my cell phone and sent a few text messages out. A decent amount of time passed.

"...uhh, the ribs will melt in your mouth. If you want, we have lots of cuts of steak cut fresh right here..."

Holy shit, dude, you just recited the entire menu! That's not a recommendation, that's a soliloquy. He seemed like a nice guy, I couldn’t blame him for trying. I remember him saying his favorite was chicken and biscuits, so I went for that.

Here's the meal: a giant deep fried chicken breast, two biscuits bigger than your fist, a mound of smashed potatoes, and enough country gravy to drown a small child. It also comes with half a cup of butter...you know, for dipping or something if you were planning to commit suicide. The green you see on the plate is the garnish.

The chicken was pretty damn good - juicy, crispy, and drowning in a decadent and thick gravy. This was excellent. The biscuits were unusually sweet and didn’t have that melt-in-your-mouth texture that I would expect. Dare I say...a little tough? Not enough lard or too much kneading, I'd say. The potatoes were smashed skin-on and apparently had cream added to them. I thought it tasted okay, but I must point out that it was rather gummy tasting and that the texture really detracted from the meal.

The meal ended up being nearly 20 dollars after the drink and tip, which is way too much for a rustic meal such as this. The chicken was good, but not good enough to make me break the bank. I'm not sure what a Claim Jumper is exactly, but their claim to fame is apparently quantity over quality.

I ate the Southern Fried Steak...well, I ate as much of the Southern Fried Steak I could. My friends and I ordered the appetizer sampler and that was frickin' filling, so there wasn't much room for the main course. Somehow we all found the space to eat dessert. Oh, the leftovers we had.

I'm with Marvo, Claim Jumper is awesome because you get 2 meals every time you eat there. It's all about the leftovers. I always buy two appetizers instead of a dinner, it's weird but good.

Wait, Claim Jumper is an actual restaurant? Where you can sit down? I always thought it was just a frozen meal brand.

what the hell is claim jumper??!! im from chicago and never heard of such a place. Anyways, meal looks sweet man, minus the gravy

marvo - We didn't get an appetizer and still scoffed at the offer of a dessert. That food sticks to your belly.

slothnyc - I buy appetizers instead of meals a lot of times too, a lot of times I just eat samplers.

abi - I actually thought the reverse when I saw the frozen meals in the supermarket.

Anonymous: Claim Jumper is a west coast restaurant chain specializing in meals with giant portions. I think they're actually going to open a few in the Chicago area in July(or so their wikipedia says) so you can probably try it for yourself.

nice, i look forward to it

actually i just ate lunch at the henderson nevada location and enjoyed the "salmon lunch" opting for the blackened salmon with roasted vegetables which was excellent and a good value at i think it was 12.95.

I don't think it was an unhealthy choice outside of the garlic cheese toast that came with, which was phenomenal...

I've had much worse salmon at "upscale" restaurants for much more $

excuse me for yelling but:

YOU ORDERED FRIED CHICKEN and you blame the restaurant that it's fattening and the portions are too large. hmm, do you really need the printed nutritional information?

I would love it if they opened one near me.

^^ Guess some people don't get [obvious] sarcasm...

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