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Amy's Pesto Tortellini

Price: $3.49
Rating: **** / *****

Amy disappointed me last time, but I decided to give her another chance. She happened to offer me pesto tortellini this time, a meal which certainly sounds light and delicious. The dish itself is pretty good, but I am more interested in the back story involved with the product. To make the product and company seem wholesome, there is a completely contrived and strange story behind every box. This one claimed that their chefs invented it for Amy's 15th birthday when they wanted something good and healthy that all the kiddies would like.

Let's think about this for a second...are we to believe that a team of chefs were cooking for a girl's birthday party and they didn't think of a dish until the last minute? Even the dish itself, pesto tortellini, is not some original invention. Pesto and pasta...incredible! The whole situation makes for creepy stuff, it leads me to believe that "Amy" is either a byproduct of years of human testing or a robot acronym A.M.Y. which stands for something insidious. Was it Amy's that developed such oddities as pheromone spray and the food dehydrator? So many mysteries left unsolved.

But there are things more important than speculating about the origin of the company. Most notably, the food. The pesto tortellini was plentiful and stayed tender throughout the microwaving process. The trick is to mix it about halfway through so that all the pasta is covered and the edges do not get burnt. The best thing about the dish is that the tortellini is packed with creamy cheese, not like those crappy frozen tortellinis you buy where there's nothing in them but some waterlogged curds along with the sour taste of disappointment. None of the tortellinis broke either, which is an accomplishment I have never seen before in a frozen dinner.

The basil in the pesto has a slight medicinal quality to it, but is fine overall. I have tried a few types of pesto and prefer the heavier versions, but this one is a lighter one, which is good if you're into that kind of thing. And it's organic, so you know it must be good for you! Try it, it'll make you feel better about your life in between the hits of heroin.

I have yet to try any Amy products, but my local Safeway hardly carries any of their products. Oh, plus it's kind of pricey.

Amy's is pricey because it's organic. I really like this meal, but I wish I wouldn't have to drive all the way to Whole Foods to find it!

oh, so you're skeptical about the charming story about their chefs inventing it for Amy's 15th birthday? what other wholesome tales will you spoil for us, ace? i suppose you're gonna say there's no easter bunny or santy claus, too???? cruel cruel. if only i had a little crying-face emoticon, i'd be posting it right here right now

i'm disappointed in you ace. i'm anti-organic. too trendy for my taste. can't believed you got suckered in.


Marvo - Yeah, it's expensive but Abi and Heather from HeatEatReview hyped it up so I had to buy some to see what the hubbub was about.

Maris - I have to drive 15 minutes to find a place that has it, it sucks!

TG - I live to crush dreams.

Pill - Aren't you the one that buys soy lattes?

By the way, everyone: Party at Pillin's this weekend! Come for the fish sticks but stay for the liquor.

Hi. I like the site, but I refuse to eat hippie food from a frozen dinner.

I do still love this stuff. I agree that there are much better pestos out there, but there are no better frozen pesto meals. Oh, I am now craving some pesto.

Also, the bowls are really expensive. I only buy them on sale.

We have two chefs, Fred and his son,Fred. They do help us out when we have parties as I am not good at cooking for large groups. All the stories are true, we are not a typical corporate company. My mom writes the box copy and Amy is 19, going to Stanford. Read her blog on our web site, amys.com. Also read "about us" Glad you liked the torellini.From Rachel Berliner,owner Amy's Kitchen

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