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Ham and Cheese Pocket from Champagne Bakery

Price: 1 for $1.00 or 6 for $5.00
Rating: ***** / *****

When I was a younger child, my mother would take me to the Asian Garden Mall for a treat when I needed one. This, unfortunately, was all too often. But it also led me to my appreciation for the ham and cheese pocket. It comes from the fine people at the Champagne Bakery, a small little shop located in the mall. They also sell tons of other baked goods and many varieties of pockets(cream cheese, barbecue pork, shredded chicken, and the scare-inducing hot dog and cheese) made fresh daily, but none compare to this one.

After you've had this ham and cheese delight, you'll never walk down the freezer aisle of your supermarket again without flipping out and knocking over all of the Hot Pockets. "Lies!!! Lies!!!" you'll scream as you're flailing down the store before the security comes and drags you away. The pocket here truly does put everything else to shame. The bread tastes as divine as a cherub's cloud. And as soft as a cherub's ass, too...as I am told by popular media, of course, I have never seen or felt a cherub personally. It is a wonderfully decadent wonder of butter, flour, and shortening that makes the pocket crave-worthy. It is slightly sweet, but the sweetness is very subtle and isn't overwhelming like supermarket or fast food bread.

Inside the bread is a perfect amount of real cheddar cheese and a delicate ham that doesn't knock your mouth out with saltiness. Everything is wonderfully balanced and goes great with each other.


Damn, I could go for another one right now.

I don't even eat ham or cheese, nor ass of cherub, but you made it all sound good.

The bit about the Hot Pockets made me giggle. Nifty work, man!

Thanks! There was a point in my life when I began to despise ham and cheese Hot Pockets and I have since spent the majority of my teen years avoiding them. It is a cursed existence.

i hate ham and cheese but i think i'm gonna have to try this pocket from champagne bakery. you MUST take me soon.

oh, and don't ever dis the hot pockets. they are delish!


so im really curious to try your 5/5 stars, so we shall make this our next lunch, or snacker..hehe

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